After a two week voting period, IHSA has announced that 11 total amendment proposals have been passed.  The most significant of those changes will implement a district scheduling system beginning in 2021.

Proposal 23 passed 324-307-69 (votes indicating yes-no-no opinion).  Schools will now be placed in eight team districts relative with other schools in their same playoff class and based on relative closeness.  Schools will be placed in their playoff class before the season now rather than after the regular season.  Teams will face all seven of their district opponents and will have two games they are allowed to schedule out of district.

Each class will have eight districts; the top four from each district will qualify for the playoffs.

“It is a historic change,” said IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson. “The narrow gap in the voting indicates that there are pros and cons that impact our diverse football-playing membership in a multitude of ways. We hope that it will effectively address conference realignment and scheduling concerns, while helping create long-term sustainability and growth for high school football in the state.”

Some have already begun imagining up what the future districts could look like.  See all the proposals that passed here.


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