IHSA Board nixes 1-32 seeding of 1A-6A football postseasons

Tuesday the IHSA Board of Directors met.  Among the many items covered, the biggest decision for Southern Illinois high school sports was to approve a recommendation to rescind action that was taken in February regarding the seeding of the football playoffs in Class 1A-6A.
The Board elected to change the seeding in Class 1A-6A in February to 1-32.  That decision was reversed Tuesday based on current economic factors, like the rising cost of fuel.  As a result, the IHSA Football Playoff seeding in Class 1A-6A will revert back to being split into two 1-16 brackets in each class.
“In February, I was a proponent of the change in the seeding process for the IHSA Class 1A-6A Football Playoffs. When taking into account the current fuel prices, and the fact that this change will create more travel for schools and fans, myself and several other Board members were no longer comfortable implementing the change at this time,” said Board President Katy Hasson.  “I do expect that when fuel prices return to a more manageable price level the Board will revisit this topic.”

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